Dealer Sales Manager Game

Agency model – old game, new rules

Price wars, direct sales by manufacturers, trade network takeovers, and competition from China all necessitate a shift in strategy for manufacturers and trading companies. Including new skills at all sales levels. In everyday business, new approaches must be explored to gain customers and market share, enhance procedures, and improve results.
We construct a simulation of your day-to-day operations in which your team can make connections, experiment with new ways, and learn new behaviours.

The best strategy in turbulent times – to be faster than the competition.

Invest in your team’s knowledge and abilities. Familiarise the team with visionary leadership and consistent usage of chances for long-term improvement in operating outcomes and market share.

  • Develop a common understanding of the processes as a team. This leads to a more profitable business.
  • Introduction of coherent pricing strategies and price discipline.
  • Initiating process improvements for better financial results.
  • Making omnichannel marketing work.
  • Optimize the management of vehicle inventories.
  • Align KPIs with the new business model.

The Car Sales Manager Game

Generate interest: Immerse your team in a realistic trading scenario and navigate the complexities of the business processes of the new agency model.

Focus on commercial thinking: Develop a deep understanding of market dynamics, customer needs, and effective business strategies.

Develop financial literacy: Go through months of financial decision-making, including budget management and profitability analysis, in just a few hours.

Driving change: Seamlessly integrate the new skills into current operations and ensure a smooth transition to the agency model.

Hands-on: Apply what you’ve learned right at your dealership, turning new insights into practical skills and financial results.

Be part of the New Learning Revolution.

With our support, you can initiate positive sustainable change, improve your financial understanding and take your dealerships to new heights. Prepare to improve your competitive skills and succeed as a leading agency dealer.

Your investment will pay off.

  • Improved learning performance through actual application.
  • NPS measures engagement at more than 90%.
  • Recommendation rate among Gen Z: up to 100%.
  • Completion rate +300%.
  • High level of acceptance due to practical significance.
  • Faster error learning; No danger while experimenting with new ideas.
  • Rapid implementation of fresh insights.
  • Improved sales.
  • Improved synergy across all business areas.
  • Avoidance of costs.
  • Process optimisation.


Dr. Steffen Szameitat

Customer Success

Daniel Fitzsimmons

Change Strategist

For over 30 years, the PBS team from Cambridge, UK has specialized in the creation of business simulations based on a systematic decomposition of complex business problems. The result is inspiring game ideas and enthusiastic participants.

AutomotiveLearners brings this revolution in business training to the automotive industry.