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Why jeopardise competitiveness with outdated, boring but mandatory training?

Employees fail to complete 40 to 70% of all courses they begin.

At the same time, the current, outdated learning formats generate little interest and do not result in the necessary learning success. As a result, businesses risk falling behind in terms of new technologies and processes.

Future skills are the key to competitiveness

Why are employees enthusiastic about our learning formats? Our learning services are built from the ground up, much like a consumer product: learning programmes are adaptable and data-driven to the work environment. Learners interact with cutting-edge technology, share experiences with other team members, and so gain long-term future abilities that will be useful in any workplace.

We create such innovative learning programmes, from analysis to implementation planning. With cutting-edge technology, new learning styles, excellent material, and a thorough understanding of the automobile sector.

Future Skills

We are the Future Skill Designers. With suitable packages and fixed prices.

Package M
  • For a topic.
  • Workshop with implementation planning
  • 1 day
  • Teams
Package XL
  • Learning strategy, optimisation and, if necessary, redesign of the learning landscape
  • Strategy, Business Case, Stakeholder Management
  • 3 months
  • Complex Enterprises

Das New Learning Team

Frank Pomereinke

Frank Pomereinke

New Learning Strategy

Jennifer Link

Program Manager

Martin Eymer

Learner Experience

Steffen Szameitat

Customer Success

Next Level Learning in Automotive

AutomotiveLearners forms the New Learning team with hydra.

F Hydra specialises in unique, exciting learning experiences, having completed over 1000 projects in two decades. With a strong focus on the automobile industry, Hydra has created relationships with nearly all German manufacturers and suppliers. Stuttgart’s interdisciplinary team of 30 professionals is well-positioned to handle this. Hydra’s e-learning programmes have consistently won the eLearning AWARD.

From the start, the projects prioritised a positive user experience and high-quality learning results for participants. Co-creation has become a significant component since the pandemic and the rise of digital learning. Hydra provides comprehensive services in fascinating learning experiences, including individual learning formats, landscapes, and methodologies.