Restructuring in industry wears down motivation

Employees and management are feeling the strain as the automobile sector undergoes extensive transformation. Uncertainty about the future undermines motivation and willingness for going that extra mile.

Strong mindset

For decades, the phrase “hire for attitude, train for skill” proved effective. When there is a shortage of skilled personnel, the slogan should really be, “Form a mindset, train for skill.”
A Mental Operating Model that incorporates both professional and personal objectives is essential for every professional striving to maximize their productivity. This delicate and critical equilibrium gets upset as a result of business changes. A “Mental Operating Model Upgrade” is necessary.


We have a way to assure that a “Mental Operating Model Upgrade” is completed in big teams within 12 months.

How we do it


Scalable Coaching App

  • AI-supported matching to a coach,
  • Measurement of learning needs
  • Easy to make an appointment
  • Development
  • Micro Learning
  • on all devices


World-Class Coaches

  • 3,500 certified top coaches
  • In 70+ countries and 60+ languages
  • Selected coaches are briefed
  • Bi-weekly 45-minute video sessions
  • Development process over 6 to 12 months


Targeted Micro Learning

  • CoachHub Academy
  • Specific short content and videos
  • Learning between sessions
  • Adapts to the personal agenda


Powerful analytics

  • Progress Reports Development of Strategic Skills
  • Anonymized insights from the sessions
  • Central reporting for the transformation of the organization
  • DZGVO-compliant, confirmed by works councils


Mental Operating Model Upgrade

Coaching@Scale helps and accelerates industrial businesses’ transformation to network corporations.



VUCA extreme: Digitalization, global competitiveness, shifting partnerships, and increased communication demands, all while performing increasingly complicated jobs, produce a “VUCA” extreme. Strong leadership and cooperation abilities are essential for effective adaption. Coaching@Scale is the optimal approach for swiftly adapting behavior, mindset, and motivation to new needs.


Increasing time and performance strain: Increasing competitiveness and consumer expectations, combined with the pressure to adapt, place a disproportionate burden on the expert and product teams. At the same time, they must show greater decisiveness and daring to improve innovation, quality, and speed. Let us be there for you during this.


Retaining, allocating, and attracting talent: During crucial periods, up to 60% of elite talent is considering a career shift. They hold the majority of the responsibility for future corporate success. To win the “War for Talents,” Coaching@Scale has been shown to be one of the most effective best-in-class incentives. This is something we are well-versed in!

Your investment pays for itself.

Productivity: One-on-one coaching sessions focus on the most important aspects of boosting efficiency, effectiveness, and teamwork in reaching goals. Moreover, it outperforms all alternatives.

Talent: Top talent retention rates are higher in the long run when coaching is provided, according to the statistics. Additionally, you’ll be able to assemble elite teams and boost your employer brand.

Talent: Personal development requirements can be identified and addressed during 1:1 coaching sessions. As a consequence, employees rediscover clarity and commitment.


Das Coaching@Scale Team

Daniel Breitwieser

Daniel Breitwieser

Director Automotive

Dr. Steffen Szameitat

Customer Success

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