Founder’s story

A steep learning curve has always motivated me as a competitive athlete, psychologist, and management consultant.

Dr. Steffen Szameitat
Dr. Steffen Szameitat
Dr. Steffen Szameitat

Fifteen years in management consulting have taken me through the most diverse functions in mechanical and vehicle engineering: purchasing, logistics, finance, and IT. I was permitted to manage and implement very large and demanding projects with the best consultants and managers.

The automotive industry is challenging and emotional.

For ten years, I was able to work on super exciting projects with the best experts in the industry. The new Crafter, market entry in ASEAN, restructuring one of the largest importers in the world. Then I built up the strategy and the strategy team at SEAT/Cupra. Most recently, customer data strategy for all VW Group brands. Knowing the details, using experts, empowering the teams, and seizing tactical moments—that’s what it’s all about.

This industry is unique because it produces emotional products that everyone uses, that have a global fan base. At the same time, the automotive industry is at the heart of Germany.

We can go beyond the horizon.

We did it in 2019.

During the pandemic, we sailed across the Atlantic. All the way to Panama. And back again. Because we’re too young to retire.

Atlantic Circle 19-22

Others overplan to perfection. And then don’t dare—the harbours in the Canary Islands are full of boats in perfect condition that never leave the harbour.

We have proven ourselves: Ventures need a dream and the courage to realise it. And then you have to set off, even if you can’t see the other side.

Learning works differently today.

As an advisor for the US learning service provider GP Strategies, I was once again able to develop sophisticated solutions with the best experts and top technologies. This time in the learning industry.

There are many formats that I have never encountered as a top manager, neither in consulting nor in the automotive industry. How can that be, given the technological transformation in the automotive industry?

There is huge potential for the automotive industry, especially for the people in it.

AutomotiveLearners unites the learning industry with the automotive industry.

I was able to learn the ABCs of entrepreneurship when I co-founded ATTAIN in London.

Our customers were enthusiastic about formats such as serious games, enriched with the best industry knowledge. I wanted to bring this to the automotive industry.

Today, I am once again working with the best entrepreneurs and managers in the automotive industry to develop their position as leaders, form top teams, and increase their competitiveness through systematic learning.

With the best partners in the learning industry, we can manage the fulfilment of even the most complex and challenging projects quickly, cost-effectively, and with top quality.