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Performance and Change Agency

Learn faster and better than the competition

The car industry is currently reinventing itself. And at the same time industry can build on successes. The technological core of industry is being replaced. The demands on the 12 million employees in the European car industry are huge.

The time pressure has never been higher. Artificial intelligence and competition from Asia are setting the pace.

Learning journeys into the future of the automotive industry

We accelerate learning in the automotive industry.

We use the best, scalable products for learning industry, adapt them to the needs of the automotive industry and create learning journeys for your employees into the future of the automotive industry.

We offer you turnkey products and support you in the implementation of your learning programs

What we offer

We create learning journeys.

AutomotiveLearners accelerate learning in the automotive industry.

What do you need to learn about and familiarize yourself with a foreign country? Curiosity and inquisitiveness. Respect for the land, its inhabitants, its nature. And the appropriate speed to go across the country while yet taking in details and lingering.

Our learning journeys capitalize on the human need to learn and foster curiosity. Teams in the automobile industry receive current knowledge in easily accessible learning forms.

It is distinguished by respect for specialist knowledge, diverse company cultures and business methods, and each person. And we employ the most efficient ways, delivering learning in the context of work.
We are respectful of each learner’s time.

The founding story

The technological change in the automotive industry, innovations in the learning industry during the pandemic and a crossing of the Atlantic provided the impetus for the founding of AutomotiveLearners.


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